Elf Hoods: Fantasy & Function


Green “robin hood” hypoallergenic yarn

It gets pretty darn cold in Chicago-land during the winter and nothing beats a cozy hand knit cowl for warmth. But most winter accessories can get lost in the crowd and become boring after a while.


Back view of yellow elf hood in acrylic yarn

This is where our elf hoods and hats come in! 100% hand knit in chunky yarns by Faith and Emily, these hoods combine the function of a hat or scarf with the fantasy of a woodland world. For those who do reenacting events like SCA, LARP, cosplay, Medieval or Renaissance faires, our headgear can run the gamut from historical to full-on fantasy and work with all ranges of costumes. Some are available in acrylic yarn which is hypoallergenic for those allergic to animal fibers. Our wool and acrylic blend yarn is fully washable and makes for easy maintenance. Cable and rib stitches add rustic texture.

Oatmeal washable wool/acrylic hood
Rustic Elf Cap

The construction involved in our adult pixie hats uses hand spun wool yarn, like the pink and purple rolled brim example pictured here. Handmade yarn has a unique, rustic look that isn’t able to be reproduced by other manufacturing processes. It is long-wearing and the warmth is unparalleled.

Hand knitting is a labor-intensive but enjoyable process. It’s fun to see a hat take shape before your eyes. Knowing that what you make is functional as well as appealing is part of the fun.


Variegated worsted weight yarn adds an element of fantasy to our modified Victorian sleeping cap and will keep you just as warm!