Star Wars Fair Isle Hat Part 4

This blog post covers the final fair isle chart of the hat (red with white storm troopers and x wings) and the decrease section. See for parts 1,2,3. Pattern can be found at:


By far the final chart was the most challenging in terms of concentration required to establish the pattern. There was also a lot of carry-overs in this section with spans of 6-8 stitches, meaning that midway through it was important to wrap the inactive color behind the active one so that there wouldn’t be too long of a loop inside the hat. The tactic paid off, as the inside of the finished hat was nice and orderly.


The final decrease section was easy to handle, especially with the directions suggesting to place markers every 12 stitches, marking the decrease points. Super-simple with alternating rounds of decreases and knitting around to create a nice even slope shape to the hat.

Even though the wool was super-wash, I still blocked it by washing the hat in cold on the normal wash cycle, inside a lingerie bag. You can see the difference in the unblocked and blocked versions, with the washing and blocking evening out the fair isle stitches. For blocking, I use interlocking foam flooring like you see at day care centers, and rust-proof t-pins.

unblocked- hat was rippled with loose and tight stitches at points of color changes



blocked- loose and tight stitches evened out after washing in normal cold cycle (in lingerie bag)


At long last, the hat is complete! My husband loves the slouchy beanie style and the softness of the yarn which is washable and blocks nicely. I heartily recommend this pattern to anyone interested in trying out fair isle. Much thanks to the designer, Mrs. Luedeke.


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