Star Wars Fair Isle Hat Part 1


Photo (c) by Hannah Luedeke

With the new year upon us and having seen another great Star Wars movie over the holidays about a dozen times, I am stoked to try my hand at this awesome fair isle “The Force Awakens” Hat pattern by Hannah L. It is available for free download from Ravelry and her website:

My plan is to track the construction of this hat on our website, over several parts for as long as it takes, to encourage others to give fair isle a try. I don’t have much color work experience, but I have done a pair of valentine’s mittens and cowl using a charted heart I found on Pinterest, along with a cute pair of realistic kitten face mitts from a kit that Emily got me a few years back. That was a challenge!!!

As this hat will be for my husband Craig, he came with me to our LYS to select three colors of his choice, with white being the main color. He quickly chose black and red for empire colors. The pattern calls for sport weight yarn (a size 2 on the universal yarn weight chart) so we went with Zara’s 100% merino. Each ball is 50 g/1.75 oz and approximately 136.5 yards/125m. One ball of each color should do the trick. Since this is going to be an intricate and time-consuming project and worn for years, I had no qualms about spending $11.50 per ball. You could likely find comparable sport weight yarn in a different price range since solid colors aren’t that difficult to locate.


Along with the yarn, I gathered some bobbins for winding the different colors and my hot pink size 6 circular and matching double pointed needles. I’m also brushing up on my fair isle tips by reading some of my knitting books, as a form of mental preparation. I also plan to do a 4 inch swatch just to be safe and get some practice on working the charts.

As a final custom touch, Craig was suggesting replacing “the force awakens” lettering with “Rogue One” or another Star Wars title. I copied the chart on a lighter contrast setting (not shown) so he can work out the lettering for that particular chart, since it works around the hat. Being a statistician, he will enjoy working out the mathematics on the lettering!


Overall, this should be a fun yet challenging project. My biggest beef with color work is handling the crosses in the back and remembering to carry the yarn over longer spans of stitches without getting everything in a tangle. I’ll show some process photos in Part 2.

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